Rudy Tirado

Rudy has been in the construction industry for over 29 years and during this time he has been instrumental in the build-out and rehab of several commercial and residential properties.  He has dedicated a big portion of his life to helping others overcome life challenges and building communities that at one point were hindered by his actions.  Rudy believes in second chances and your past mistakes in life shouldn’t define you as a human being.  He is living proof that you can make mistakes in life.  With remorse and the right attitude, learn from those mistakes and be a successful person and a human being.

<Rudy believes his purpose in life is to help others succeed in real estate investing.  His extensive experience in residential rehab and commercial construction is one of the best resources that will be available for your success and he is excited to share his knowledge and experience with you and to provide you with the best user experience.

The end-to-end process that he has in place will help his clients through acquisition, rehab, and sale of the property.  With his vast experience and the network of high-performing partners, he strives and ensures that his clients receive the highest and best value for their investments.

Misty Linn – Title

Misty is a Real Estate Agent and Investor with 16 years of service in the Central Ohio market. She specializes in residential sales and new builds and design services to sell her clients’ homes for top dollar. In addition to her own flips, Misty owns her brokerage, Core Ohio Realty Advisors, a local restaurant and a club that have become staples in the Columbus community.

Mission Statement

King Flips USA delivers the highest possible standards and results by:


·       Working collaboratively as one team with clients, vendors, real estate brokerages, subcontractors and other real estate professionals.


·       Develop a team of dedicated professionals that strive for best results.


·       Being the one stop shop and market experts in delivering high quality rehab strategies.


·       Focusing on clients’ success and exceeding their expectations by providing measurable quality metrics and value.


·       Focusing on continuous improvement processes to enhance people (employees and contractors), processes and tools to optimize speed to market and quality of real estate delivered.

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